BP Myth Busters: The Only Thing to do in Hilton Head is go to the beach…?

Hmm... as great as the beaches are, we beg to differ that they are the ONLY activity to enjoy here-- there's tons to do on Hilton Head Island! We're busting this myth with 5 examples of other great activities on the island-- other than the sand and sun! Sea Pines Forest Preserve The Sea Pines [...]

10 Things Not To Miss On Hilton Head Island

#1 Harbour Town Marina Located in Sea Pines, Harbour Town might just be the most iconic landmark in the Lowcountry. Harbour Town is filled with activities, restaurants, and shopping as well as beautiful yachts in the harbor. It is home to the Heritage Classic Professional Golf Tournament where every year people from all over the [...]

A Frequently Asked Question About Hilton Head

Perhaps one of the most common questions we get asked is: “What is there to do on Hilton Head – besides golf and tennis?” Our response? "Oh boy.. do you have a few minutes?" Hilton Head Island has so much to offer for a variety of interests, tastes, and activity levels that it would be [...]

Forest Preserve Revisited!

We do have the MOST talented guests! Nikolas Harris, who was staying at a Beach Properties house in Sea Pines, saw our blog post about the Sea Pines Forest Preserve and sent us his photos from his own visit there.  Nikolas is 15 years old, lives in London England, and has already won awards for [...]

A Walk in the Woods

Right in the middle of all the summertime hustle-and-bustle in the Sea Pines Resort is an unbelievably secluded spot of peace and tranquility. A deer quietly slipping from view.  A tiny lizard scurrying along the boardwalk.  Huge trees and untouched vegetation.  This is the Sea Pines Forest Preserve, 605 acres of undeveloped, preserved land. "But what is [...]

Lowcountry Ghost Stories!

Lowcountry Ghost Stories Friday, October 25,  7pm Get warmed up for Halloween with an evening around the campfire within the Sea Pines Forest Preserve as we recount Lowcountry tales and spooky stories. Enjoy roasted marshmallows and a glimpse into our haunted history! Reservations are required. $10 per person.  843-842-1979 Start Planning Your Hilton Head Island Vacation Today!

Family Fishing Tournament!

Join in a family friendly fishing tournament in the Sea Pines Forest Preserve to fish for bass, bream and catfish at Fish Island. Try to win a prize in one of the tournament categories and roast hot dogs and marshmallows around a fire. Reservations are required and may be made by calling  843.842.1979. $15/person including [...]