October Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations to our October Photo Contest winner Steve Turskey from Orrville, Ohio! This picture is of Steve's son-in-law with his granddaughter, it was taken the first week of their vacation on Hilton Head Island in October. It was taken right outside of the Beachside Tennis Condo's. Steve said they love to watch Dolphins, it never … Continue reading October Photo Contest Winner

Island Alphabet: D

Discover more about Hilton Head Island with this daily list of animals, restaurants, and activities. Every week there will be a new list following the order of the alphabet. Dogs: Great news for all the dog lovers out there! Hilton Head Island is the perfect dog community for you and your whole family to enjoy. … Continue reading Island Alphabet: D

Dolphin Research Excursions at the Coastal Discovery Museum!

Everyone loves dolphins, but not many people know too much about them! Besides being cute and playful, dolphins are extremely smart and the Coastal Discovery Museum has announced a new boat cruise excursion to teach people more about these awesome creatures!  The cruise will be offered most Wednesdays in April and May from 10 a.m.-noon. … Continue reading Dolphin Research Excursions at the Coastal Discovery Museum!

Strand Feeding Dolphins!

Dolphin watching is a Hilton Head Island tradition but if you are lucky enough to witness the dolphins engaging in strand feeding you'll take home a memory that you'll cherish forever.  Captain Deb from Outside Hilton Head captured this footage of Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins practicing a feeding behavior knows as Strand Feeding, unique to our local Dolphin populations. The spectacular … Continue reading Strand Feeding Dolphins!