Why Neuroscientists Strongly Recommend That You Visit The Beach Regularly.

1. Going to the beach can help reduce feelings of depression- The hypnotic sound of the waves in combination with the sight and smells of the beach can put you into a meditative space. In turn, you can clear your mind and reflect on life in a safe space away from the chaos of your daily … Continue reading Why Neuroscientists Strongly Recommend That You Visit The Beach Regularly.

Tips For Running In The Sand

For runners not all beaches are created equal.  Here are a couple of things to think about before you lace up your sneakers and hit the sand running. Length- A jetty, a cliff, a river mouth...can shorten the length of the beach and be a big disappointment for covering miles that you were hoping for. … Continue reading Tips For Running In The Sand

Beach Games for Everyone

  Instead of laying out by the water, why not try these family fun beach games to get everyone moving! If you are traveling to Hilton Head Island with kids then you will have to try these beach game activities that will get the kids moving. These are even fun for adults, you can even … Continue reading Beach Games for Everyone

What is in our Beach Bag?

  Don't know what to pack this upcoming Hilton Head Island trip? Take a look inside our beach bag! All depending on your beach day you always need a tote. A helpful hint, a good tote bag could be a reusable bags. A hat is a must have for us! Whether its a baseball hat … Continue reading What is in our Beach Bag?

Singing Sands of Hilton Head Island

It is not mermaids singing, it the sand on our beaches! Next time you are on vacation here on Hilton Head Island, listen carefully because you might hear our sand singing. It may be not actual words but our sand produces sound vibrations that can be compared to the sound of violins. In fact, Charles … Continue reading Singing Sands of Hilton Head Island

Beach Discovery

Love our beaches? Become a Hilton Head Island beach expert!   Learn more about Hilton Head Island beaches and become an expert beachcomber. Explore the beaches and discover our every changing environment. The Coastal Discovery Museum hosts this adventure, meeting at Mitchelville Beach on Tuesday's from 2 PM to 3PM. Discover things such as why … Continue reading Beach Discovery

Island Alphabet: G

Discover more about Hilton Head Island with this daily list of animals, restaurants, and activities. Every week there will be a new list following the order of the alphabet. Giuseppi's Pizza: This restaurant prides itself on creating fantastic pizza and pasta's with the most authentic and fresh ingredients around. Their dough is made daily, and their … Continue reading Island Alphabet: G