BP Myth Busters: The Only Thing to do in Hilton Head is go to the beach…?

Hmm… as great as the beaches are, we beg to differ that they are the ONLY activity to enjoy here– there’s tons to do on Hilton Head Island! We’re busting this myth with 5 examples of other great activities on the island– other than the sand and sun!

  1. Sea Pines Forest PreserveImage result for forest preserve hhi
    The Sea Pines Forest Preserve is one of Hilton Head’s greatest treasures. From a myriad of wildlife, beautiful serene paths and bridges, and Spanish moss hanging all around, this is an oasis away from the beach, with hours of exploring for you to do. From the swamps, to the lakes, to the tree covered walkways, you truly feel as though you are in a different and very special untouched world. Another great piece to the forest preserve is the picnic benches overlooking the lake, for a picnic after a little exploring. The Sea Pines Forest Preserve is an absolute must on Hilton Head, and is so easily accessible from all of our properties— especially those that are in Sea Pines Plantation.
  2. Coastal Discovery Museum
    Image result for coastal discovery museum
    Whether you’re into snakes, butterflies, turtles, or shells, the Coastal Discovery Museum in Honey Horn Plantation is the place for you. Between their educational tours and classes that run every day, to their fun interactive museum, there’s tons to do here. There is a butterfly enclosure, live snakes, a beautiful gazebo and dock that walk out over the marshes for a beautiful view, and amazing employees who are more than willing to give you some information about whatever you’d like! This is a great spot for adults and children alike, and a wonderful place to get out of the sun for a couple of hours.
  3. Old Town Bluffton
    Image result for old town bluffton
    From Old Town charm, amazing restaurants, a bustling farmer’s market, and tons of shops and history, this is a great place to spend an afternoon strolling the oak draped streets in Bluffton. There has been a recent boom of business in Old Town Bluffton that has made it a great new hub for tourism just minutes off of Hilton Head Island. From cute boutique stores, an amazing and expansive farmer’s market on Thursday’s, and wonderful restaurants just oozing with southern charm, this is not a place to miss!
  4. Shelter Cove Marina & Shelter Cove Towne Center
    Image result for shelter cove hhi
    With a myriad of shops, restaurants, entertainment, and much more, Shelter Cove has always been a famous Hilton Head Island stop. Recently, the Shelter Cove Towne Center opened up across 278 featuring even more shops, a great park, a wonderful view of the marsh and ocean, and restaurants, activities, etc. Both of these are great places to spend some time with your family, get out of the sun, and maybe even have a little shopping spree!
  5. Pinckney Island

Related image

Maybe on your drive to or from Old Town Bluffton, you can make a stop at the Pinckney Island Wildlife Refuge, nested right in between the two bridges that take you off of Hilton Head Island. This is nature at it’s finest, and more pure. From bird watching to just sitting down and taking in the sounds of nature uninterrupted, we recommend this spot for anyone just needing a little quiet getaway.


That’s it for this myth, but we will be back with even more myth busting and tips! Follow this blog, or head to our website for more information on a vacation on Hilton Head Island with Beach Properties!

Our Favorite Coffee Shops & Cafes on the Island

Some people are the kinds that wake up, brew a pot of hot coffee, eat a slice of toast, and start their day. But there’s also the kind of person who loves to head over to a quant little cafe, sip on a latte, and savor over a chocolate croissant or quiche with a friend for a few hours to start their day. This post is for the second person. For the “coffee and toast at home” people, don’t worry– all of our vacation rental properties come with fully equipped kitchens, so your daily routine won’t be harmed in the slightest. These are our top Hilton Head Island and Bluffton Area cafe’s and coffee shops!

Maywood Davis Coffee and Tea:

Image result for maywood davis hilton head

This is a new spot on the Island set in the “old log cabin” on 278! You may have seen this little wooden property before while driving down the island, where there was a gas station previously perched in front, but now Maywood Davis is brewing coffee and serving up sweet treats and baked goods Tuesday to Sunday. From pour over coffee, to espresso, and nitro cold brew, your coffee concoctions are all here. This is a fun little joint perfect for a low-key morning or afternoon pick me up.

The Purple Cow:

Image may contain: dessert and food

The Purple Cow prides itself on housemade desserts, fun cocktails, and cafe delights! From the French Toast Donut (pictured as a sundae) to a strawberry, brie, and local honey sandwich, and a full selection of coffees and cocktails, the Purple Cow is not a place you should miss. Even better is that you will receive an exclusive Beach Properties Advantage Discount of 10% off of all food! It certainly pays to be a Beach Properties guest– especially when it comes to sweets and coffee!

Corner Perk:

Image may contain: drink, food and indoorIf you find yourself venturing out to Bluffton for some of the Old Bluffton feel, or to do a little shopping at the Tanger Outlets, DO NOT miss out on the Corner Perk. This adorable corner shop is practically famous to islanders and Bluffton residents alike. From their amazing coffee’s, awesome breakfast sandwiches and skillets, to their delicious cakes and sweets, this place is an absolute must go. Try one of Cooke’s Breakfast Skillets (pictured) with two fried eggs, and two slices of bacon piled atop the most perfect cheesy grits, and accompany it with their homemade Chai Tea Latte. You will not regret making your way down to Old Town Bluffton for this.


Now get out of bed and get some coffee!

It’s time to start your day the Hilton Head Island way!


Christmas Crafts Your Entire Family Will Love

Image result for bottle cap snowmen

Are you like me and sometimes have way too many bottle caps lying around? Either they are thrown away, or get turned into a craft. This Christmas, the craft in my house are bottle capped snowmen. Here’s what you need:

3 bottle caps (cleaned of residue)
any colored yarn
acrylic paint
permanent marker
orange scrap paper
hot glue

Getting Started:

  1. Paint both sides of the bottle caps with several coats of white acrylic paint. Cut a little triangle from paper and glued it on one of the bottle caps as a nose.
  2. Use the black marker to draw eyes, a mouth and buttons.
  3. Cut a piece of yarn and tie a scarf on your snowman. (It really is up to you on how you want to embellish your snowman).
  4. Glue a piece of looped ribbon to the back of the top bottle cap to hang neatly from your tree or anywhere else to spread the Christmas cheer!

Do You Want To Build a Snowman? {Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial from OneCreativeMommy.com} Frozen Birthday Party & Snowman Craft for Kids

Frosty the Snowmen is out,  and Olaf is in…well according to my kids at least. This Christmas instead of Frosty, we had to find a way to make Olaf. Thanks to One Creative Mommy, we found an easy Olaf with supplies around the house. Here’s what you will need:


  • 1 sock
  • Approximately 1 1/3 cups of rice — any kind (for larger socks, use more rice)
  • 2 1-inch white pom poms
  • Orange felt — just a small piece
  • Large googly eyes (mine are about 1 cm in diameter)
  • Adhesive-backed black felt–one sheet of sticky-backed felt is enough for 12 snowmen.
  • 3 clear hair elastics.  (I used goody brand, medium size.  They come in tiny, medium and large sizes.)
  • Hot glue gun and glue

Free Olaf Features Printable

Getting Started

  1. Pour just under 3/4 c rice into the bottom of the sock, and squeeze and shake it down until you have the shape you want for Olaf’s bottom.  Make sure that the top of the sock is centered in the middle.
  2. Using a clear hair band, secure sock tightly just above the rice.
  3. Pour just over 1/8 c rice into sock, squeeze and shake down the rice, and secure with second clear hair band.
  4. Pour a little less than 1/2 c rice into the sock, , squeeze and shake down the rice.  Shape the head so that it is taller than it is wide, and secure with third clear hair band.
  5. Starting where the middle section touches the bottom section, secure the ball with hot glue so that Olaf keeps his shape.  Repeat where the head and middle ball touch.
  6. Starting with the mouth, peel the backing off the felt pieces (one at a time), and stick them to Olaf’s face and body.  (I did not provide a pattern for the nose, but any old triangle-ish shape will do!)
  7. Glue the nose and eyes on with hot glue.
  8. Don’t forget his trademark eyebrows!
  9. Add the arms and feet (white pom poms).
  10. Don’t forget the hair!  *Be sure to attach it at the bottom of the elastic hair tie, or it will look like it’s floating.  (You’ll see some floating hair in the picture of the kids’ finished Olafs.)

This one is my favorite. Fun to make and keeps the kids entertained. Just be prepared to take LOTS of photos 🙂 Here’s what you need: (this will make only one, will need more supplies depending on how many Santas want to run around)

  • One sheet white cardstock
  • One sheet stiff red felt
  • 1 package 1 1/2″ STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam Balls (12 count)
  • 1 package 1″ STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam Balls (16 count)
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Scissors or x-acto knife
  • 2 wooden dowels

Getting Started

  1. First, lightly trace the shape of a beard and a mouth opening onto the white card stock. Cut out using a pair of scissors or and x-acto knife.
  2. Heat up your hot glue gun and place just a dab of hot glue onto one 1 1/2″ STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam ball at a time.
  3. Place each STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam ball onto the card stock and let cool and dry. Try to fill up your card stock beard as much as possible!
  4. Once cool, flip the beard over and place a few dabs of hot glue onto the backside. Press one end of a wooden dowel into the glue, let cool and dry.
  5. For the Santa Hat, cut out a triangle from the sheet of stiffened red felt.
  6. Using the 1″ STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam balls, place dabs of hot glue onto each and press onto the bottom edge of the hat forming the white brim.
  7. ake one of the remaining 1 1/2″ STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam balls and hot glue it to the tip of the hat forming the little white puff ball tip that is classic to Santa’s hat.
  8. Let the hot glue cool and dry and then flip the hat over to the backside to add the wooden dowel via a few dabs of hot glue.
  9. Once the dowel is set, your Santa Disguise is ready to play with, hooray!


Make sure to check out these last minute Holidays ideas for your visit to Hilton Head!

Low Country Critters



The Coastal Discovery Museum will host “Lowcountry Critters with Joe Maffo” On December 28 and 29 from  11 am until 2 pm.  This casual “Meet and Greet” will help participants to learn more about the alligators, snakes, turtles and other critters that share Hilton Head Island with us.  Joe Maffo with Critter Management will bring along some of his “friends” to share with everyone.  Participants will have a chance to get an up-close view of the various animals, learn more about them and take lots of photos.  There will be no formal presentation; visitors can stop by various stations to meet the different types of animals on site.

Cost is adult $10 and child $5 (12 and under) under 5 are free.  No reservations for this program just drop in and see!  The Museum is located at 70 Honey Horn Drive on Hilton Head Island.

Check out these specials for your December visit to Hilton Head!

Summer Workout Options on Hilton Head Island


Sweat Fitness with Jen Edwards: Sweat Fitness is a strength and cardio fitness class held outdoors at the Shelter Cove Towne Center Pavillon on the water across from Palmetto Dunes! You can get in your 60 minutes of hard exercise with beautiful views and a sea breeze to cool you off! This class has a different itinerary each day, but always promises tons of sweat and the feeling of accomplishment as you head into the rest of your day! From burpees to bicep curls, Jen will give you a solid workout with encouragement along the way. The class takes place Monday’s-Friday’s at 9:00am, Saturdays and Sundays at 8:30am, and Monday’s and Thursdays at 5:30pm, as well! The drop-in rate for a class is $20. Check out Sweat Fitnesses Facebook page for daily information or any possible changes in the schedule! 

fitness 3

Pure Barre: Pure Barre is a workout you can find nationwide, but it has just opened up in the Shelter Cove Towne Center on Hilton Head Island. This workout focuses on small concentrated motions and repetitions to give an effective low impact workout that lifts, tones, and burns in just 55 minutes! There is a variety of class times throughout each day, making it an easy option to get a quick workout in whenever you have some time! This is a great indoor option for your daily exercise! If you’re staying at one of our Palmetto Dunes homes or villas, take advantage of the free ride to Shelter Cove Town Center on the Dunes Buggy! One class is $26, but you can buy 3 class bundles or even month long bundles for better deals! Check out their Hilton Head website for specifics on class times!


Reebok Crossfit Coastal Carolina: Whether you are a Crossfit regular in your home town, or just want to try something new, this workout will certainly do the trick! The focus is put on teamwork and pushing yourself to your personal limit in order to achieve better and bigger things every class! They have multiple different types of classes from the Barbell Club to Crossfit Kids. One class is $20 and is located on New Orleans Road. For more information on specific classes and pricing, check out their website here!


Jiva Yoga: If you love yoga or just have an interest in trying it, this is the place to go! Beyond regular classes held at their William Hilton Parkway location, they also hold beach yoga classes and Stand-Up Paddle Board yoga classes for the adventurous yogis! These classes give you a more quiet sweat session, leaving you feeling refreshed but none the less sweaty than any of these other options! On your way home be sure to stop into Pure Natural Market for a smoothie or juice, and use your Beach Properties Advantage Card for 10% off! They have a drop in rate of $15, and a 7 day visitor package for $55, mat rental included! For the daily schedule and more information head over to their website and sign yourself up! 


Jarvis Creek Fitness Trail: If you are looking for a more solo exercise option, the Jarvis Creek Park Fitness Trail has great workout options for a free self motivated session! With a trail that circles the lake for running or interval training, and outdoor fitness equipment for a total body burn, you can achieve your fitness goals all on your own!

Start searching for your next Hilton Head Island Vacation today!

Take a Cooking Class!

Take home some new fresh and healthy recipes from your Hilton Head vacation! With six fully equipped workstations, The Hilton Head Health Institute  offers you the opportunity to work with expert chefs side by side for expert advice on techniques, time saving tips, and healthy conversions.

Classes vary seasonally and emphasize local & fresh ingredients. Sample sessions include Sushi, Salmon 3 Ways, Soups, and 15-Minute Meals.  Save $5 on each event when you stay with Beach Properties!  Call 866-880-7218 for details.

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Spring greens salad with fennel, radish & miso-buttermilk dressing #yum:

Liven up lunchtime with  @cookieandkate's #healthy and hearty Southwestern #kale power salad recipe.:

Mediterranean Pumpkin Pizza Recipe + 20 more Pizza Recipes #Vegan #GlutenFree #Dinner:



Let’s Go to the Spa!

At the heart of going on vacation lies a desire to remove yourself from your every day existence and experience a change.


Perhaps for you it’s just a change of scene… literally you want to LOOK at something different, more beautiful, or interesting.  Even that can take you out of yourself and allow you to experience the Three Rs:  Relax, Renew, and Recharge.

Of course there are different avenues to the Three Rs… maybe you prefer action, doing something you enjoy and don’t get to do often enough:  golf, tennis, kayaking.  For some folks spending quality time reconnecting with family and friends is an important element.

But it is hard to argue with the benefits of a visit to the spa!  You may just want to pop in for a single treatment, but if you can linger for the day and remove yourself from the world… that’s the ticket!

Whatever your choice there are plenty of world-class spas on Hilton Head to indulge in, and your Beach Properties Advantage Card gives you discounts at many of them!

Here are two wonderful new additions to our Advantage Program, and the incentives they are offering to our guests:


This truly peaceful retreat is a little off the beaten track, and that works to its advantage.  Once you find it you will be delighted at its cozy, serene vibe.


This is THE PLACE to get a massage, as the owner Michael Christensen has extensive experience in massage therapy, physical therapy, personal training, and CrossFit.  No surprise:  his extensive knowledge and commitment to being the best make him a popular therapist. $69 for 60 minute massage/$75 for 60 minute signature facial (1st visit only)

Another terrific option here gets right to those Three Rs:  the Relax, Renew, and Refresh package.  This includes a 30 minute massage, 30 minute body treatment, and 30 minute signature facial.  $125


A sweet little storefront in a convenient shopping plaza, this unassuming spot may not have the *bling* associated with the fancier spas but the quality of the services is FIRST-RATE.

hhi spa exterior pic.jpg

The owner of this little gem, Paula Biondo, is a true healer and puts her heart in everything she does.  A talented massage therapist herself, she also ventures in the direction of Chakra balancing, reiki, and acupuncture.  There are even various spiritual workshops.

Try a facial here… the Dead Sea Mud Facial lives up to the hype and will leave your skin feeling amazing!  The product line is pure, organic, effective.  And with spa packages like “Queen for the Day” and “Inner Beauty Goddess” you will certainly leave with that “vacation glow”! 15% off a 1-hour massage or facial

**You can find other services and activities to add to your itinerary here, so pick and choose what will help you achieve those THREE RS!


Park Plaza Cinemas

What to do when it’s a rainy day on your vacation…

It seems that small independent movie houses are a dying breed.  Usually you have to head over to the Huge Generic Multiplex at the mall, which is fine and good and you pretty much know what you are gonna get.  But here on Hilton Head Island you have a choice:  we have not one but two independent movie theaters!

park plaza pics ext

Park Plaza Cinemas on the South End of HHI

Park Plaza Cinemas is the quirky-but-cool one.  There is something for everyone here:  in the lobby there is the Parlez Vous Lounge, serving wine and beer, as well as the Cine Cafe which has appetizers, entrees, gourmet coffee, locally made ice cream, wow!


park plaza parlez vous lounge

Parlez Vous Lounge

In the summer they tend to show the big, family-friendly blockbusters:  “Minions”, “Godzilla” in 3D and all the rest, but they manage to always work in a true independent film as well.  And in the off-season?  They usually have a pretty eclectic selection of small films, quirky films, as well as Oscar-buzz picks.  They have even held premieres of locally-produced new films.

The owners, Larry & Lucie Mann, do it their own way, and you will surely get to meet their 2 dogs Annabelle & Antoinette who scurry all over the theater, and even seem to freely run in and out of the screening rooms.


Lucie, Larry, Annabelle & Antoinette

It’s definitely not your usual movie-going experience, and it’s fun and unique to Hilton Head!  Make a point of hitting this truly local business… and don’t forget the popcorn!

park-plaza-cinema 2

Annabelle helps out at concessions!

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image (3)

Rainy Day on Hilton Head Island? Make Some Art!

Actually it doesn’t have to be raining for inspiration to strike on Hilton Head Island!

If that sunset at South Beach floors you…


If that alligator sighting gets your adrenaline going…

alligator crossing

Or if it does rain while you are here…


…You may be inspired to paint, draw, or photograph it.

The Art League of Hilton Head offers 1/2-day, single-class options for all kinds of artists at their Art Academy.  Art lover, artist or collector, beginner or professional, whatever your skill level or interest, they have something to suit you.

  • Fine Arts classes in acrylics, oils, watercolors, mixed media, photography, and more.
  • Instructor-led or work at your own pace in their open studio and life-drawing sessions.
  • Discover secrets and stories behind great art masterpieces at their art history lectures.

Try “Photography Beyond Automatic” in the morning, “Exploring Watercolor” in the afternoon, and finish it up by making a bracelet in a “Bead-work and Jewelry” class.

And get the kids off their video games with a don’t-miss, unique and fun “Found Art/Collage Class” that involves using the things found around them and in nature!

Whether it rains or not, this is an opportunity to take home a souvenir that is much more personal than the usual mug or t-shirt…

art-leagueRain or shine, don’t miss a beautiful opportunity!

Book your Hilton Head Island vacation today!


Catch a Show at the Main Street Youth Theatre!

Main Street Youth Theatre will present “Broadway’s Music of the Night,” a new song and dance theatrical experience and musical journey down 42nd and Broadway, from March 19-30 at the theatre at 3000 Main St., Hilton Head Island.

The high-energy show, written, produced and directed by islander Don Hite, includes works by top composers of today’s theatrical scene in a staged, seamless and rhythmic revelation that celebrates the vibrancy of New York City theatre life. The 55-person cast will perform works by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stephen Sondheim, Elton John and Jason Robert Brown, among others, with song and dance numbers from “Stomp,” “Wicked,” “Matilda,” “Newsies” and “Phantom of the Opera,” to name a few.

Get ready to be amazed! This show will reach right out and grab you! Show runs Wednesday through Saturday, except March 22, which will feature a special matinee at 2 p.m., and Sunday matinees at 2 p.m. Adult tickets are $25 and student tickets are $15. Military and seniors are $20; group rates are available.  Tickets can be purchased at www.msyt.org or call 689-6246!

Start Planning your Hilton Head Island Vacation Today!

Main Street Youth Theatre