Zipline Hilton Head!

Yes!  You are up to 75 feet above the ground.

Look Mom! No hands!
Look Ma! No hands!

Yes!  You do cross 2 suspended sky bridges and climb an aerial staircase.

zipline-hilton-head bridge

And yes!  The grand finale is a dual cable Racing Zip Ride where 2 participants whiz along for 900 feet…


Trust us, it’s not as crazy as it sounds.  In fact, it’s easy, fun, and an “exhilarating 2 hour Eco-adventure that will have you soaring through the trees surrounded by stunning views of Broad Creek!”

Flying High Over the Lowcountry!

This is Zipline Hilton Head!  Located at the Broad Creek Marina, this is simply all the rage for outdoor adventurers and thrill seekers on Hilton Head Island.

Not to worry:  You’re harnessed with state-of-the-art adventure course equipment and instructed by their professionally trained guides the entire time…

That 1st step's a doozy
That first step’s a doozy!

and the canopy tour starts low and s-l-o-w and gets higher and faster as you go.  Before you know it you’ll be swinging through the air with the greatest of ease!

Hilton Head Island Zipline 1

Or maybe you want to try their Aerial Adventure, which is an invigorating and creative obstacle-course-in-the-trees.  These unique self-guided courses are offered ranging from easy and kid-friendly…

Fishy Climbing Wall

to… well… American Ninja Warrior anyone?

Local Ninja Warrior

This entire facility is a blast for the whole family, and once you try it you’re pretty much guaranteed to want to come back.

And starting September 15th their Winter Rates go into effect – save over 20% on all the tours and courses!
Zipline Hilton Head

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