What’s New on HHI?

WHAT'S NEW on HHI text over picture of sunset

It seems that new restaurants, activities, and businesses are popping up on Hilton Head Island every day! We know you all have your favorites that you must make your way to each time you visit the island, but we wanted to clue you in on some new places that you could try out this time around!


You may be thinking, “What this isn’t new? I’ve definitely been there before…”, and you wouldn’t be wrong! However, Alexander’s has completely revamped and remodeled the restaurant with a new owner and completely new menu and look. Overlooking the lagoon in Palmetto Dunes, you can expect to dine on some delicious lowcountry favorites, fresh sesafood, and much more.

Pictured below is the “Oysters Alexander’s” which features fresh oysters, topped with bacon, horseradish cheddar and crab.


Here’s the view from your table, overlooking the lagoon, spanish moss, and nature that Hilton Head Island has preserved oh-so well.

dining table at restaurant



Everyone loves a restaurant on the water, and Fish Camp gives you just that! In addition to the views, you get live music, great food, and a fun, laid-back atmosphere. This is a great place to grab a few drinks, eat a great meal, and sit back and enjoy the sea breeze and music. Fish Camp is located along Broad Creek at 11 Simmons Road.

This is the outdoor patio with a covered gazebo, TV’s to watch the big game, the ocean sweeping beyond, and Spanish moss above your head… It doesn’t get much better.

outdoor seating area at restaurant

Fish Camp offers tons of great, fresh seafood dishes, steaks, drinks, and much more!

fish camp restaurant seafood plate



New for our fitness fiends, is CycleBar at 11 Palmetto Bay Road! If spinning, or indoor cycling, is your idea of fun cardio, then this is the workout class for you! A CycleBar class consists of 50 minutes of heart-pumping cardio cycling, with fun music, visuals, and great high-energy instruction! Amenities at the studio include free towels, showers, lockers, water, snacks and shoes that clip in to the stationary bicycles. You can sign up for a class online and reserve your seat whenever you’d like!

This is the front desk at CycleBar, with very sleek and exciting visuals all around.

cyclebar reception area

This is the “Theatre” which is where the cycling takes place. The room is dim-lit with great visuals that keep your mind off of the hard work your legs will be doing!

cycle room



Local Pie is the 1st and only true Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizza on Hilton Head Island. They pride themselves on using only the highest quality, regionally-sourced ingredients that go into their house made pies. Beyond pizzas, theres great appetizers, salads, and more! You can find Local Pie at 55 New Orleans Rd in the same area as Fiesta Fresh and Hilton Head Ice Cream!

The venue is great for large or small parties, as you can see here!

local pie dining area

The pizzas are ridiculously good, with an authentic fresh take on classics!

local pie pizza


That’s all for now! If you’re craving these new establishments or maybe just a trip down to Hilton Head, head to our website and find your perfect vacation rental, today!