Top 5 Reasons to go to Church on Hilton Head Island

Call it “The Pope Effect”:

The Pope’s historic visit to the US has energized and inspired millions.  If going to church is a part of your life, you may find that you have a new enthusiasm to attend services, even…OMG…while you are on vacation!

Here are our top 5 reasons to shine your shoes, comb your hair, and get to church:

  1.  Hilton Head Island has over 20 different churches and temples representing at least 8 denominations.
  2. The folks on Hilton Head are generally warm and friendly, so you will be made to feel welcome.
  3. It’s a great way to connect with people, and…perhaps…get a break from your family?
  4. Actually, you won’t have to shine your shoes at all… You can wear your sandals, or even your fancy flip flops!
  5. There are some beautiful churches here!  Lovely and peaceful…historic too!
First Presbyterian Church
All Saints Episcopal Church
Church of the Cross

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