Top 10 Things You Should Bring On Your Vacation to Hilton Head Island, S.C.

Hilton Head Island hoodieNot sure what to bring on your Hilton Head Island vacation?….

Here are our top 10 recommended items

10. A healthy sense of adventure.  Adventure you ask??  There are so many unique and adventurous activities people on jet skisyou can do while on Hilton Head.  There is parasailing, deep sea fishing, dolphin cruises, treasure hunting, special events and more!!  Adventure is everywhere !!!

9.  Beach Supplies – Chairs, Towels, Umbrellas and toys!!  There are a number of companies you can also rent these items from.

8.  Bikes.  Hilton Head Island has the most extensive bike trails I have seen anywhere.  In fact, it is a major means of transportation here on the Island.  I realize some guests might be flying in, and for them I highly recommend renting bikes from one of our Preferred Vendors.  It’s amazing what you will see while on a bike.

7. A Great pair of shoes.  Why?  Because you have to visit one of the our nature preserves, or take one of the many nature walks to learn about Hilton Head and the creatures who share the Island with us.  One of the more popular walks is to see the Sea Turtle nests and learn how to keep them from becoming endangered.

people walking on golf course 6.  Golf Clubs or Tennis Racquet.  Hilton Head Island has a multitude of golf courses and tennis facilities.  And discounts are a plenty!!!

5. Sunglasses . . . . multiple pairs!!!  This should be self explanatory, but the sun shines almost every day on Hilton Head  🙂

4. Dressy Clothes – At least one set of dressy, yet casual clothes so that you can enjoy an “adult evening” out.  There are a number of nanny services on the Island that will come and entertain your children while you and your significant other take time to have a date night.  Your evening can start with Happy Hour, lead to a gourmet dinner and end with a visit to one of our lounges, or clubs.

umbrellas on beach 3. A Book – At the beach, poolside or on your private patio or balcony are all great places to relax and enjoy the latest best seller.  Hilton Head is a relaxing and laid back vacation destination.  Your will love the peace and quiet while you escape through the pages of a good book.

2. An Empty Stomach – Did I mention the restaurants!  There are so many I can’t even count them all.  Food choices range from Greek to Italian, from gourmet to bistro and from seafood to pasta.  Hilton Head Island is the home to so many great eating establishment you could do nothing else but eat if you choose.

1.  SUNBLOCK Need we say more !!!!