Three NEW Properties: Urchin Manor

It’s not often that we have three different homes all in the same area to rent for your vacations! It’s especially different that these homes can each accommodate over 18 people! Whether you have a huge group of friends with families that are looking to get away to the beach, or you’re planning a family reunion in the lowcountry, this little “manor” of homes will be perfect!

There is 3 Urchin, 4 Urchin, and 5 Urchin— here are some photos!

exterior view of Urchin Manor with pool

Each home is similarly laid out, each has a pool, three floors, and plenty of space for everyone to be together and still have their place to get away if they need some time alone!

Every home has plenty of seating and sleeping space for everyone– maybe even extras! They’re all also beautifully decorated with sealife motifs and soft blue and tan shades throughout.

exterior view of Urchin Manor with patio

aerial view of urchin manor

Whether you have a large group and want to all be in one house, or you have an even bigger group and want to split between two or three, these homes are the perfect place to be all together and still have your own time to yourself– not to mention you are three minutes walking from the beach!

If you’re interested or would like some more information, head over to our website or call 1(800)671-5155!