The Ultimate Checklist Of Things To Do Before Leaving On Vacation

The sand. The sun. The sea. The vacation you began daydreaming about months ago finally is here. Before you can snap your first cabana selfie, though, disconcerting thoughts start hitting you, not unlike those beautiful blue ocean waves that were supposed to help you escape it all:

“Did I lock the doors?”

“Yikes. Did I cancel that sales meeting?”

“Does the boss realize how long I’ll be out?”

“What if I lose my passport?”

Such thoughts sometimes turn out to be legitimate — but they are not entirely necessary if your vacation planning includes putting together a comprehensive pre-travel checklist. It seems like there are a million things to do before you leave home and work far, far behind for any extended spell. In reality, it’s not quite that many, but considering you want to keep your home secure, your pets well taken care of, and your co-workers able to function — and even thrive — without you, there is much to do before catching the limo to the airport.

Why You Need a Vacation Checklist

When you are a thousand miles from nowhere — or maybe on a golf course, say, near the Beach Properties of Hilton Head — you don’t want to get hung up thinking about things that matter back at home. Ignoring those thoughts does not compare with knowing you prepared, and ignoring those thoughts won’t appease your boss, nor protect your home and your valuables.

Face it: While you are being a tourist, your home just might be a target — for burglars. These criminals are sophisticated: About 80 percent of burglars check social media to determine who is on vacation. They look for signs that a house is empty: piled-up newspapers, an overflowing mailbox, grass that hasn’t been cut. These are things that can be taken care of and prevented, if you remember to do them or use a vacation checklist to remind you.

It takes preparation to be away from your job, too. If you want to unplug and not constantly have to check email and voicemail while you are in paradise, everything must be put in place beforehand to cover your absence. Put your work life in order, and your ability to relax while away will soar even as you plunge — into the pool, of course.

Peace of Mind? Check

The “ultimate” checklist includes tasks that cover things at home, work, pets, your itinerary, vacation budgeting and more, along with some pretty simple tasks that most people forget. Use the checklist to take action to protect your home, assist your co-workers, save money and stay organized. While your mind is already drifting to places thousands of miles away, even months ahead of time, peace of mind will be right around the corner when you take this comprehensive approach to vacation planning.