The Rookery in Shelter Cove

In the early evening you can see hundreds of White Ibis settling in for the night as their comrades, such as Little Blue Herons, Tri-colored Herons, Snowy Egrets, and Great Egrets,  join them.  Birds fly in flocks of 20-30 from the direction of Broad Creek and the marshlands that surround the area.  It is amazing to see birds of a different feather flocking together. Hooded Mergansers float peacefully in and out of the low branches that hang over the pond, Bufflehead ducks swim nonchalantly in the center.  Anhningas and Double-crested Cormorants sit on their favorite perches, diligently preening their feathers.

Why not take advantage of enjoying Shelter Cove Community Park during the fall migration. Carry a picnic lunch and relax on the benches that overlook a gorgeous grass lawn peppered with tall trees. There is a pavilion, restrooms, and free wireless internet for your convenience.  You won’t believe the amount of Eastern Bluebirds flying expertly through the park. Yellow-Rumpled Warblers perform their acrobats, along with various Sparrows, Carolina Wrens, and Purple Finches. A delightful trail leads to a boardwalk that graces a second pond, where you will see the same Great Blue Heron fishing every day.  How many different types of birds can you find?

Rookery at Shelter Cove
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