The Essential Beach Packing “Do Not Forgets”

Sometimes, packing is a daunting task. We’ve all been there, luggage open on our bed, piles of clothes surrounding it, with a mental checklist of what to bring. And we’ve also all been there when you’re 2 hours into your drive to your vacation and you think “uh oh”, because you just remembered you were supposed to bring something and somehow forgot it.

Well this list is meant to hopefully serve as a little reminder of some random things that would likely slip your mind while packing! Most items are things you can buy once you arrive, but paying $15 for sunscreen at the beach as opposed to bringing your same $9 sunscreen from home can make all the difference.


Don’t forget that important arrival packet we mail you!!! It has your passes to get into the area you’re staying in, as well as your code or keys to get into your property– and you don’t want to have to make an extra trip to the office after 12 hours in the car, you want to get to your house or villa and hop right into the pool because by then, you’re on vacation mode!