Simple Tips To Have The Best Vacation Ever

Be a vacation winner!  Leave the work and stress of life at home.  Exhale and relax!

Pack less. Nobody wants to pay for those fees at the airport for over weight limits.  You most likely won’t wear 50% of what you pack so think light.  Plus don’t forget to leave room for your souvenirs and gifts.  If your driving to your vacation destination, more room in the car means more comfort for the family to stretch.

Leave your work at home. If you’re required to bring some work along with you then get it done and out of the way early so you can relax the rest of the time. That goes for all online time. You don’t want to miss anything because your face is inches from your phone. Make the rest of the vacation about you and your family.  Memories are too important to make and miss.  Enjoy the moment!


Treat yourself. For many of us, taking a vacation is a big deal.  You have been saving up to make the best of this vacation.  Put your worries aside and enjoy a nice dinner, a day at the spa or some water excursion adventure.  You earned it!

 Relax and enjoy. We all want to make the most of our vacations.  Pick one or two things you really want to do and set them up as priority.  Then just go with the flow the rest of the time.  Too strict of an itinerary can be stressful. Lowering your expectations and being flexible will make your trip much more enjoyable.

Family Time

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