Shells Rings on Hilton Head Island

Are you interested in history?  Like to learn about the island you are visiting?  Or just want to be able to check “Visit a Shell Ring” off your bucket list?  Well the Sea Pines Shell Ring can make all of that happen.

shell ring factsWhat is a shell ring, you ask?  Well,  archaeologists are not exactly sure.  According to Wikipedia, they are defined as “curved shell middens completely or partially surrounding a clear space”  What is not known is what purpose they serve.  Some believe they might have served as a place for ancient families to hold religious ceremonies.  Yet others believe they were just where the Native Americans discarded the shells from the abundant food source found near by…shellfish.  Many rings are made up of shell, bone, soil and artifacts and have been excellent sources for archaeologists and historians to learn more about the people and culture that lived along the coasts of Georgia,South Carolina and Florida thousands of years ago.

The Sea Pines Shell Ring, locate with the Sea Pines Nature Preserve, is perhaps the most pristine and accessible shell ring of the 50 known along the southeast coastline. This makes it unique and and an excellent historic site to visit.

When you stay in a vacation rental within Sea Pines, you will be able to bike or walk to visit this site.  We recommended an early morning visit as the Nature Preserve is beautiful in the morning.  Pack a breakfast sandwich or snack and enjoy the peace and serenity!