Park Plaza Cinemas

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It seems that small independent movie houses are a dying breed.  Usually you have to head over to the Huge Generic Multiplex at the mall, which is fine and good and you pretty much know what you are gonna get.  But here on Hilton Head Island you have a choice:  we have not one but two independent movie theaters!

park plaza pics ext
Park Plaza Cinemas on the South End of HHI

Park Plaza Cinemas is the quirky-but-cool one.  There is something for everyone here:  in the lobby there is the Parlez Vous Lounge, serving wine and beer, as well as the Cine Cafe which has appetizers, entrees, gourmet coffee, locally made ice cream, wow!


park plaza parlez vous lounge
Parlez Vous Lounge

In the summer they tend to show the big, family-friendly blockbusters:  “Minions”, “Godzilla” in 3D and all the rest, but they manage to always work in a true independent film as well.  And in the off-season?  They usually have a pretty eclectic selection of small films, quirky films, as well as Oscar-buzz picks.  They have even held premieres of locally-produced new films.

The owners, Larry & Lucie Mann, do it their own way, and you will surely get to meet their 2 dogs Annabelle & Antoinette who scurry all over the theater, and even seem to freely run in and out of the screening rooms.

Lucie, Larry, Annabelle & Antoinette

It’s definitely not your usual movie-going experience, and it’s fun and unique to Hilton Head!  Make a point of hitting this truly local business… and don’t forget the popcorn!

park-plaza-cinema 2
Annabelle helps out at concessions!

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