Live Like a Local: Islanders Beach Park

Hilton Head Island feels like a small town in many ways:  laid-back, friendly, community-oriented, everyone seems to know each other, or at least be connected through one thing or another.  And like any small town, the residents have places off-the-beaten-path or tucked away where they love to go.

For example:  Hilton Head Islanders love to go to the beach too, and there’s a place that is favored by the locals more than any other:  the aptly named Islanders Beach Park.

islanders sign

Mid-island, in the Folly Field neighborhood, it has a large shady parking area, good restrooms, spacious shower area, playground, picnic tables, and sometimes even refreshments!

Budding Entrepreneurs
Budding Entrepreneurs

But the main attraction is of course the beach!  And the well-constructed beach path makes access easy and pleasant.  And while it gets crowded here too, there is usually a less hurried, kinda mellow feeling.

Islanders beach path
Which way is the beach?

Here’s what to do to partake in this local amenity:

If you are a Hilton Head Island resident or property owner you can get a sticker for your car from the Town of Hilton Head…it only costs $30 and is good for 2 years.  Totally worth it, since the majority of the parking spaces require it.

But if not, there are 25 metered spaces available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  So if you too want to “get away from it all” and have a low-key, small-town experience, head over to Islanders Beach Park.

Islanders Beach View
Islanders Beach Park

Oh, and tell them “Beach Properties sent me.”

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