Let’s Go to the Spa!

At the heart of going on vacation lies a desire to remove yourself from your every day existence and experience a change.


Perhaps for you it’s just a change of scene… literally you want to LOOK at something different, more beautiful, or interesting.  Even that can take you out of yourself and allow you to experience the Three Rs:  Relax, Renew, and Recharge.

Of course there are different avenues to the Three Rs… maybe you prefer action, doing something you enjoy and don’t get to do often enough:  golf, tennis, kayaking.  For some folks spending quality time reconnecting with family and friends is an important element.

But it is hard to argue with the benefits of a visit to the spa!  You may just want to pop in for a single treatment, but if you can linger for the day and remove yourself from the world… that’s the ticket!

Whatever your choice there are plenty of world-class spas on Hilton Head to indulge in, and your Beach Properties Advantage Card gives you discounts at many of them!

Here are two wonderful new additions to our Advantage Program, and the incentives they are offering to our guests:


This truly peaceful retreat is a little off the beaten track, and that works to its advantage.  Once you find it you will be delighted at its cozy, serene vibe.


This is THE PLACE to get a massage, as the owner Michael Christensen has extensive experience in massage therapy, physical therapy, personal training, and CrossFit.  No surprise:  his extensive knowledge and commitment to being the best make him a popular therapist. $69 for 60 minute massage/$75 for 60 minute signature facial (1st visit only)

Another terrific option here gets right to those Three Rs:  the Relax, Renew, and Refresh package.  This includes a 30 minute massage, 30 minute body treatment, and 30 minute signature facial.  $125


A sweet little storefront in a convenient shopping plaza, this unassuming spot may not have the *bling* associated with the fancier spas but the quality of the services is FIRST-RATE.

hhi spa exterior pic.jpg

The owner of this little gem, Paula Biondo, is a true healer and puts her heart in everything she does.  A talented massage therapist herself, she also ventures in the direction of Chakra balancing, reiki, and acupuncture.  There are even various spiritual workshops.

Try a facial here… the Dead Sea Mud Facial lives up to the hype and will leave your skin feeling amazing!  The product line is pure, organic, effective.  And with spa packages like “Queen for the Day” and “Inner Beauty Goddess” you will certainly leave with that “vacation glow”! 15% off a 1-hour massage or facial

**You can find other services and activities to add to your itinerary here, so pick and choose what will help you achieve those THREE RS!