Island Alphabet: G


Discover more about Hilton Head Island with this daily list of animals, restaurants, and activities. Every week there will be a new list following the order of the alphabet.

Giuseppi’s Pizza: This restaurant prides itself on creating fantastic pizza and pasta’s with the most authentic and fresh ingredients around. Their dough is made daily, and their motto has remained the same for 30 years and counting “Cut No Corners”. Their menu includes of course pizza, pasta, hoagies, wraps, burgers, and wings. This restaurant is apart of our Advantage Discount Program, show your card and receive 10% off your food bill.  


Golf Courses: If you don’t know already, Hilton Head Island is best known for its golf courses. All have beautiful views, kept in pristine condition, and they are all conveniently located. There are over 40 golf courses available to you! There are over 1 million rounds of golf played annually on Hilton Head Island. Don’t know which course to choose from, here are some options that are on our Advantage Discount Program:

  • Palmetto Dunes:
  • Hilton Head National
  • Old South Golf Links


Gear Rentals: It happens to everyone, you have the car packed up and once you get to your destination you forgot some beach gear! Do not worry because there are plenty of rental companies that offer everything from chairs, canopies, bikes, and umbrellas. Here are some companies from our Advantage Discount Program: 

  • Low Sea : Call for discount pricing
  • Island Life: Take 15% off your rental
  • Vacation Comfort Rentals : Call for 20% discount off rentals


Gullah: This culture has been around Hilton Head Island for generations. It not only refers to a language but a very rich, vibrant culture as well. It was brought to America by enslaved people, and it is still the most distinctive African American populations in the United States. There are rich traditions in everything from music, cuisine, folk beliefs, and art just like the painting below. It is a beautiful tradition that Hilton Head Island is very proud of.


Grouper:  These fish are very popular throughout our waters, and they vary in size, shape, and species. They are over 100 species of grouper, and they love deep waters. If you are trying to fish for a grouper, it requires patience and strength. Some groupers can reach up to 800 pounds! One thing they are especially known for is their great taste, they are considered the best fish to serve by most chefs.


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