Island Alphabet: D


Discover more about Hilton Head Island with this daily list of animals, restaurants, and activities. Every week there will be a new list following the order of the alphabet.

Dogs: Great news for all the dog lovers out there! Hilton Head Island is the perfect dog community for you and your whole family to enjoy. Offering miles of trails to take your furry friend for a walk.  Hilton Head Island even has a handful of public beaches that are ideal for your dog. The island also offers a variety of pet friendly restaurants to choose from as well! Beach Properties offers plenty of options that are pet friendly! Click the link here to see all the pet friendly rental properties.


Dragonfly: Being the oldest species of insects, estimating to be around 300 million years old these insects are professionals at flying. Did you know that the dragonfly’s head is all eyes! They have 360-degree vision, but not including the one blind spot directly behind their head. The one amazing job that dragonflies are responsible for is controlling the mosquitos and gnats!


Dough boy’s pizza: If you are looking for an easy dinner for the family vacation, then look no further! Dough Boys offers everything from local legend pizzas, classic pizzas, build your own, subs, and calzones. They even have a delivery service to any location on the island. Staying with Beach Properties you can get $5 off orders over $30 !


Daytime Daiquiri: The whole point of vacation is to relax, right? So why not enjoy a daiquiri while enjoying your stay on Hilton Head Island! One restaurant that offers great daytime drinks is Holy Tequila, which is a Mexican restaurant that has indoor and outdoor dining options. They even have a tequila tasting room that is perfect for the ultimate Hilton Head Island fiesta! Choose Beach Properties and get a free salsa sampler!


Dolphinfish: This fish is most commonly known as Mahi Mahi, it is a surface dwelling ray finned fish that is found off-shore in tropical and subtropical waters. Even though its name is dolphinfish it is not related to the typical, playful dolphins you are familiar with. These guys are found on almost every menu here on HHI, and if you haven’t tried it you should on your next vacation!


Dolphin Cruise: If you want to get up close and personal with Hilton Head’s most popular mammal then check out the dolphin cruise offered through Commander Zodiac. Located in South Beach Marina, in the same complex as Salty Dog Café. The zodiac offers you a chance to explore our local waters, while sailing right next to playful dolphins! The whole family will enjoy this water adventure, learning more about Hilton Head Island and all its ocean friends. Click this link to book your water exploration.


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