Island Alphabet: C


Discover more about Hilton Head Island with this daily list of animals, restaurants, and activities. Every week there will be a new list following the order of the alphabet.

Crab: These crustaceans are covered with a thick shell called an exoskeleton, and are armed with a single pair of claws. There are over 6,793 species of crab that are all throughout land, ocean, and fresh water. Did you know that 1 million tons of crab are being eaten annually all over the world!


Catch 22: This restaurant has early bird specials, dinner menu, bar specials, and even a young adult’s menu. Come to this place with an empty stomach! They have a wide variety of food, from pizza, to seafood, and even the classic hush puppies. Booking your vacation with Beach Properties will get you 20% dinner entrees.


Crab Discovery:  If you are interested more about crabs on HHI, then at Sea Pines Beach Club offers this kid friendly activity. Spend your morning searching for our little crustaceans and learn more about them. Kids can even learn cast netting to catch some other sea critters of ours.  Click this Sea Pines link to learn more about this adventure.


Crafts in Sea Pines:  Create a souvenir to remember your time on HHI at Sea Pines Beach Club. You can create ceramics, sand art, sand dollar painting, shark tooth necklace, sea shell necklace, and make your own stuffed animal. Click the link to find out more!


Catfish: These guys are a bottom-feeding fish that are found in fresh water and coastal regions. They are well known for long whisker-like barbels that stick out by their mouths. These whiskers are loaded with tiny taste buds and sensors to help them smell. While vacationing you can catch these guys in ponds or even in shallow salt water.



Corks Wine Co.: With over 100 bottles of wine to choose from, along with a full bar and beer, this is the perfect adult vacation spot. On certain nights enjoy live entertainment, but just walking in you will feel relaxed. Enjoy flatbreads, salads, and even some seafood. With choosing to stay with Beach Properties enjoy 10% off your bill.


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