How to Pack Light


Taking too much luggage on vacation? Here is how you can pack lightly for your next HHI vacation.

We have all been there, where vacation is just around the corner and we start packing a couple of days before we leave. We start packing our whole closet into every suitcase we can find. Well here are some tips on how to pack lightly, and only take a carry on sized bag.

  • Pack your smaller clothing items such as under garments, swimsuits, socks, coverups, etc at the bottom of the bag between the ridges where the extended handles of the bag are.
  • Next up are your more heavier clothing such as shorts and shirts. Make sure you button up any blouses or shirts, lay them as flat as possible. Place all your shirts on top of the shorts or pants.
  • Up next are your shoes, when vacationing to Hilton Head Island all you need are flip flops and maybe tennis shoes. Place those along the back and sides of our bag. *Pro Tip: Place the shoes first in plastic bags so they don’t get your clothes dirty.*
  • Last are your toiletries that go on top of all the clothes, and you can even buy the smaller travel sizes so there is more storage in your bag. *Pro Tip: If you are flying, wear your bulkier items on the plane.

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