How to Get Into the Christmas Spirit

Sometimes it can be hard…

These days the transition from Halloween to Christmas is so RAMPED UP that you may feel like you have to expend too much energy to block it out, look the other way, and just ignore the increasing “call to action”… That is if you don’t want to get A) overwhelmed and B) jaded.

ACT Christmas Belles Anchorage Community Theater 01 - 20141119.jpg

It has even been recently observed that we seem to be skipping right over Thanksgiving, which is a wonderful All-American feel-good holiday, and skidding right into CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

We’ve all noticed:  It can be just a little bit irritating, just getting under your skin a bit, so you roll your eyes and sigh.  But too much of that too often can leave you feeling more like Scrooge than Tiny Tim.

And so then, AFTER Thanksgiving at the END of November, when it is finally time to “Get Your Holiday On” you may be dragging a bit and wondering how to get that Christmas Spirit going.

Can you relate?  Just a little bit?

grumpy cat bah humbug

Fortunately we do have the perfect prescription for “Premature Holiday Overload Disorder”…Three utterly charming holiday events that are guaranteed to loosen up that DULL feeling and get you all Christmas-y.  It’s a full weekend, Friday-Sunday, and by the end we can pretty much issue a confident money-back guarantee that your heart will be warmed.

#1. Winter Wonderland Festival – Friday Dec. 4th – Shelter Cove Community Park

Let’s start slow… the target age group for this event is 3-12, and who better to tickle that holiday sweet spot than little kids wearing elf hats. With goings-on like the Children’s Elf Parade and the Golden Candy Cane Hunt, and treats like hot chocolate and s’mores, c’mon!  Even the most cynical of us will manage to crack a smile…


#2.  Bluffton Christmas Parade – Saturday Dec. 5th

Start the next day off with a more “kick-up-your-heels” type of EVENT.  And BTW, Macy’s has nothing on them:  Bluffton’s little parade has a unique, small town, yet free-spirited quality and will definitely make you laugh.  So put on your “reindeer antler” headband and your light-up Christmas tie and get out there, by George!  FYI:  There are some real characters out in Bluffton… But in a good way!


bluffton parade

#3.  Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra:  Polar Express – Sunday Dec. 6th

This final event in the “Make Christmas Great Again” trifecta is not quiet by any means but is just a bit more on the listening-and-soaking-in side.  Ahhh, how lovely!  You will have a chance to enjoy your favorite traditional holiday music as well as a rendition of the “Polar Express” set to the original music from the award-winning 2004 film.  And honestly, how can you beat a Real Live Orchestra?

HH Symphony Orchestra.jpg

polar express

So make a weekend of it, and by the end you will be an enthusiastic Merry-Christmas-shouting, eggnog-drinking, heartfelt-gift-giving Christmas Elf!