History of Hilton Head Island


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Discover how Hilton Head Island became the amazing island that it is today!

There is so much rich history within our island that not very many people know about. Here is our new blog series that will discuss once a month how Hilton Head Island grew to become the amazing island we all know and love today!

  • Hilton Head Island was named after an English sea captain William Hilton, along with the headlands he saw while sailing these uncharted waters.
  • When Hilton took his first steps on the island he was greeted by Spanish Indians who had come from Florida, who only lived here seasonally.
  • Throughout the next 200 years the island grew to house 24 plantations that grew indigo, sugar cane, rice, and cotton.
  • For years following the Civil War the island was occupied by families of former slaves whose rich culture was Gullah.
  • The island was “rediscovered” in the 1940’s by timber men who saw potential in the “sea pine” trees.
  • It wasn’t until 1956 Charles Fraser began coming up with plans to build a resort community, which resulted in building the first bridge.
  • Fraser’s dream of preserving Hilton Head’s natural beauty within a resort became a reality, creating Sea Pines Plantation.

Join us next month to learn more about Hilton Head’s history and information on unique historical spots on the island too!

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