Hilton Head Concours d’Elegance

There are A LOT of special events and festivals on Hilton Head Island, but this one takes the cake.  Of course, it’s the…

Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival & Concours d’Elegance

The sumptuous and beautifully landscaped backdrop of the Port Royal Golf Club is the perfect setting for what is called one of the “Most Innovative Motoring Festivals in the World.”  Bringing together collectors, enthusiasts, and just folks who want to say “OOOOOhhh!”, this event attracts automobile aficionados from around the country.

hhi concours

Meaning literally a “competition of elegance”, these impressive events are held all over world.  And these cars are serious:  a Concours-quality vehicle is often restored and/or upgraded to literally surpass factory-perfect “mint” condition.  These are truly unique and beautiful machines, not intended to even be driven much and rarely seen outside private collections.  So how swell to walk about in such a lovely setting, admiring these fine specimens!


This weekend event is jam-packed:  In addition to the exceptionally fancy cars on display, this year’s exhibits also include antique watercraft and motorcycles.


And…There is also a fun display of vintage vehicles of all kinds from the 1950s and 1960s in a special feature called “Life in the Suburbs”.


And… There are the Classic Cars!  Both American and European vehicles flawlessly, painstakingly restored using only original equipment and accessories and judged to the highest standard…Cherries!


And… Just to make sure absolutely all forms of transport are covered, there is also an interesting fundraising charity gala called “Flights & Fancy” held at the Hilton Head Airport featuring vintage, new, and the latest prototypes of aircraft.

And…there is an auction of “investment-grade” vehicles… Don’t forget your checkbook!

hhi concours woman

Wow!  Don’t miss this chance to mingle with the Car World Elite!  The Hilton Head Concours takes place Sat, Oct. 31 – Sun, Nov. 1. (Opening night gala on Fri, Oct. 30)

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