Greg Russell – Gather around for fun in Harbour Town!


Each evening, under The Liberty Oak Tree in Harbour Town, you’ll be entertained with Gregg’s summer concerts. It’s total family fun with special antics for the kids… games, interviews, sing-a-longs and great entertainment. Most families come night after night because they know the show is always different, always exciting.

Getting started It all starts before dark, when people gather around… Don’t be surprised if you see some familiar faces up there on stage with Gregg, as he plays all the familiar tunes — and you sing along! Gregg Russell has been writing and performing great music for over 30 years. His credits include literally hundreds of children’s songs, writing and performing original music for TV specials and more.

2014 Summer Schedule, 8 pm

May 23-25
May 28-30
June 1-August 22 (every night except Saturdays)
August 28-31 8:00pm

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