Grayco Hardware & Home – The Fun Place to Shop!

When you are on vacation sometimes it’s fun to find out where the locals shop and get a different perspective.  Grayco Hardware & Home is certainly not a secret, but it might not be on your radar if you are a tourist.  After all, it is called Grayco HARDWARE, and isn’t that one of the things you came on vacation to avoid doing?  Fix things??

Let us reassure you however, Grayco is much more than a hardware store:  it’s FUN and UNIQUE and well worth the visit.  Located on the South End of the island, it’s convenient.  And there is definitely a “hand-picked” feeling to their decorative inventory, all with a clever “Southern Coastal” twist:

grayco store view
Not your usual hardware store

This place is chock-full of beautiful and eye-catching treasures, and just walking down the aisles is an eye-full:

grayco aisle view
Floor-to-ceiling Paraphernalia

And here’s an “INSIDER TIP”:  They happen to have a lot of stuff that vacationers want and need, and also… well… like any good store, plenty of stuff that you didn’t know you needed until you saw it!

grayco stuff
Whales, fishes, and seashells, oh my!

For instance, what if it rains buckets one day while you are here (i.e. recent weather events!) and you need some cool waterproof footwear?  Or, on the other extreme, too much sun and a well-made hat is in order?

grayco galoshes and hats
Assistance with any weather event at Grayco!

Or what if you suddenly feel like throwing a tres chic “Coastal-Themed” dinner party in your fully-equipped Beach Properties kitchen?  Grayco has some dinnerware and accessories that you probably won’t find back at home in Ohio…

grayco dishes
Please pass the crab dip, y’all!

Or how about a unique and personal souvenir, waaay beyond the usual vacation-themed mug, key chain, or quip-y t-shirt:

grayco frames and stuff
Picture frames & tchotchkes galore!

And let’s don’t forget Fido… He deserves a memento too!  Grayco has some wonderful doggie gifts and fashionable canine accessories:

grayco dog stuff
“Crystal”-studded dog bowl, anyone?

Need a tote bag?  Beach bag?  Perhaps a bag to carry home all the stuff you bought at Grayco?

grayco bags
Fantastic colors and prints!

Grayco Hardware & Home is located at 6 Bow Circle @ Palmetto Bay Rd, Hilton Head, 29928.  Swing by and poke around, you’re sure to find something interesting.