Get Out and Geocache!

It was a gorgeous day yesterday and I felt the need for some adventure.  I also like to learn more about Hilton Head; getting to know some of the history of the Island and the places that only the locals know.  I have found that a great way to do this is through Geocaching!

Geocaching is basically a scavenger hunt.  Using either a handheld GPS unit or even the GPS in your smartphone, you will plug in some coordinates and be led to a “treasure”.  It may not be a great treasure (often they have small trinkets in them), as the real treasure is the places you are led too and the interesting people and places you find.  You can go to to find many local search coordinates.

Yesterday’s adventure led me to the North End of Hilton Head Island.  I stopped at Chaplin Beach Park where I was able to view some of the wide open marshlands that make up the Island.  I also visited a historical marker about Charlie Simmons, Sr. who ran a General Store and ferry service back when Hilton Head had no bridges.  Can you imagine visiting the Island then? With so much to learn and see, I could have continued Geocaching all day.  Instead, I stopped in the early afternoon and headed to the beach!  Happy searching!Geocaching Picture