Fun in the Sun on Hilton Head Island

            Hello! As you probably do not know, I am the new Marketing Assistant at Beach Properties of Hilton Head Island, and I will be the narrator of this blog.  I would also like to unofficially make myself your tour guide around Hilton Head Island.

             When I first came here, I was so excited to see everything, do everything, and most importantly, “beach it up”!!The beaches here are absolutely beautiful, and don’t get me started on the dolphins – they come right up to the shore in some areas of the Island! Everything about this island, from the food, to the people, to the events that are always happening, has made my time here so far absolutely wonderful. This blog will be dedicated, not only to the  beautiful, luxury vacation rentals that we represent in Sea Pines, Palmetto Dunes, Forest Beach and Sea Crest, but also to the fun and exciting things to do after you check into your vacation home or villa.

               Of course, Hilton Head Island is great for families and kids of all ages have fun!  This blog will be the first of many to let you, the vacationer, know that there is more to Hilton Head than just going to the  beach and golf (which is what I thought before I moved here). There are so many more things to do, it is the most amazing place to live and play, and I am here to help you find that perfect restaurant, maybe one that is a little further away, but well worth the extra mile, or the best coffee on the island, where to find the best sea shells, as well as letting you know the great deals to find at the wonderful outlets and boutiques.

             For everyone reading, if you have questions or comments you would like answered, then just let me know, and I will do my best to answer each and every question.  Also, if you happen to have some fun stories to share about your stay with us on Hilton Head Island, just head over to our Facebook page,  “like us”, and leave us a comment! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, as we are always updating new deals we have to offer!