Fun Facts About Palmetto Dunes’ Lagoons

In the 1970s, Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort was searching for a solution to two problems:  shallow waterways and a rapidly eroding beachfront.  At high tide, the 3-mile long beach would almost disappear.  At low tide, the 150-foot wide beach was too wet to enjoy.

Enter Dr. Per Bruun, a Danish engineer and world-renowned pioneer in the field of coastal engineering who founded the University of Florida’s Department of Coastal Engineering.  Dr. Bruun developed the resort’s 11-mile lagoon system, the second largest lagoon system in the United States, by dredging huge quantities of sand and subsequently transporting the sand to the beachfront.  There, the sand was sculpted into majestic dunes measuring 11 feet in height.

The lagoon dredging project effectively preserved and protected the beach.  The lagoon system provided the ideal template for the neighborhoods that now exist at Palmetto Dunes.  Tidal gates installed 30 years ago still control the tides and flush the lagoons to keep the lagoons’ water clean and pristine.

PD lagoon

Palmetto Dunes is one of the only resorts in the Southeast that is completely surrounded by water from the Atlantic Ocean to Shelter Cove Harbour.  Palmetto Dunes’ deep water borders combined with the lagoon system is what gives this resort its unique waterfront atmosphere.  There are so many wonderful neighborhoods, resorts, and plantations to stay in on the island.  If you haven’t tried Palmetto Dunes yet, book your stay today!