Fishing in the “Off-Season”

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In the lowcountry, you may see people’s cars pulled off the road with a marsh nearby and then spot a person standing out in the water, rod in hand, casting away at the reeds. Well, this scene you’re witnessing is the beautiful art of fly-fishing.

IMG_6067When you think of fishing, you probably don’t think of colder months and wearing a jacket while standing in the water… but if you want the real secret to reeling in the “big ones”, that secret is Fall and Winter. During these months, the ocean water clears up a little because of the smaller amount of activity and living algae in the water. This creates a perfect opportunity to sight cast to fish as you see them wriggle through the water beneath you. The most common fish you’ll see doing this will be Redfish, with their spotted tail and sometimes a blue edge on the back fin.


The art of fly-fishing is a little more tricky than your spinning reel. Rather than cast out and wait for a bite, you actively watch the water, waiting patiently for a fin to break the surface. You then cast out to the fish, aiming you cast to the fish in hopes that it will immediately scoop up your fly and then the fight begins.


If you find this type of fishing appealing and are a pro or even a beginner, Hilton Head is a great place to start a fly-fishing journey. There are so many great spots to wade in, and some of Beach Properties Vacation Rental Homes have marshes right in the backyard that you can fish from.

Beyond the appeal of the better fishing conditions, there will also be tons of discounts all over the island, whether you want a guided fishing trip, some lessons, a rental home, or even restaurants will all have wonderful “off-season” deals going on! There are so many great reasons to visit Hilton Head in the Fall and Winter– plus, we even have an amazing deal going on right now for extended stays on the island where you can “live like a local” for the best deal per night you can get all year!