Enjoy Some Ice Cold Sweet Tea!

Sitting on the veranda in my favorite rocking chair looking through the Spanish Moss dripping over a 300 year old Oak tree requires a tall glass of sweet iced tea.  It is strong, sweet and very, very cold with just the right amount of fresh lemon.  Yep, you know you are in the south!

There have been great many arguments about what “tea” is when you order it in a restaurant in the south.  You definitely are not going to get some fancy tea pot with a selection of herbal and regular tea bags unless you actually say “hot tea”.  Ordering “tea” will get you that tall sweet elixir that all southerners crave!

You can easily make it yourself!  Fill a 64oz pitcher with boiling water, add 2 cups of sugar.  Stir until the sugar has melted and 10 tea bags (I love the brand Luzianne).  Let steep for 15 minutes or until it is as strong as you desire. While the tea is steeping, slice a lemon into wedges.  Remove the tea bags and discard.  Pour the tea over a glass that has been filled with ice.   Squeeze a lemon into it.  Go sit on that veranda and enjoy a true taste of the old south!

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