Eleventh Hour Shopper’s Guide

Well, it’s December 23rd.

Most people have finished their Christmas shopping by now, but there is a little easy-going, procrastinating, head-in-the-sand group of people that like to wait until the last minute.  The Eleventh Hour Shoppers.


“It’s great!” they say. “I don’t have to waste time, or over-think things, or exhaust myself.  I just go out with my list, and get what I need.”

Who are these people??

procrastinaotrs leaders of tomorrow

Well no matter.  Could be YOU… (or more likely your husband.)  In any case, guess what?  That last minute is now!

So for all you Eleventh Hour Shoppers, here is a little guide to the best places you can RUN to right now and do what you do:

Gifted Hilton Head – The Village at Wexford

gifted pic.jpg

This place is repeatedly voted the Best Gift Shop in many Reader’s Choice Awards.  And with a name like “Gifted” how can you go wrong?  This is where you should start, since they have SO MANY great things, different things, and things for pretty much everybody on your last-minute list.


  • Sophisticated bags and jewelry from Spartina449 for wife, daughter, sister, pretty much any female on your list
  • Super-cool Eco-friendly jewelry for your newly vegan college girl
  • Soy candles in re-purposed wine bottles for the Extremely Environmentally Sensitive sister-in-law
  • An awesome in-bottle drink-through beer chiller for that @*%# son-in-law of yours
  • And fabulous ornaments and doodads that you just won’t find anywhere else for teachers, hairdressers, hostesses, and..uh oh…that person who unexpectedly and out-of-the-blue gives YOU a gift!

Coastal Provisions – Shelter Cove Towne Center


This is a stylish and fun store that really celebrates the coastal lifestyle with high quality loot.  They have seemingly scoured the oceanfront for ideas… you will have a ton of fun shopping here!

I've been good.jpg

bow tie.jpg

  • Handcrafted rooster-and-pheasant feather bow tie for your snazzy brother that out-dresses all the women at every event
  • Special waterproof matches for that boat-loving uncle
  • Authentic beach games, like horseshoes, for the cousin who is relentlessly competitive…even at the family beach reunions
  • Floating buoy rubber dog water toy for the only family member that really listens to you

The Chocolate Canopy – Fountain Center on New Orleans Rd.

Their website states “Quality chocolates and confections created by hand daily using the finest ingredients.”

What can we say.  Hard to go wrong.

chocolate canopy.jpg

The Best Gift Idea Ever – Coligny Plaza

This EXTREMELY CONFIDENT business certainly has a lot to live up to!  What it is:  photography artwork that you create yourself using clever pictures of letters.  You can spell anything out… names, slogans, favorite words.  And we will say, it’s unique yet works for everyone.



PLEASE NOTE:  This is a seasonal kiosk business on Hilton Head, but they are open a lot during the Christmas shopping season.  Otherwise, just visit their website www.bgie.com and have them overnight your item.  They don’t mind Eleventh Hour Shoppers.