Day 11 | HH Humane Society!

On day 11 of our 20 Days of Giving we have Dana, Brie, Karen, Erica and Micky putting in a total of 20 hours at The Litterbox, a thrift store that is run by the Hilton Head Humane Society where all proceeds improve the lives of animals.  The Beach Properties Team was in charge of organizing a back room full of items that needed to be sorted through, priced and put out on the floor for sale.

HH HUmaneOver the past year, 3,000 abandoned, injured, abused animals and feral cats have been cared for by the Hilton Head Humane Association. They spay/neuter and release feral cats and provide food, shelter, medical, and loving care for the domesticated cats and dogs until adoptive homes are found.  Spread the word and get involved!

Micky and his murse…
Micky and Erica sorting through donations as Karen strikes a pose.
Brie, Erica, Karen, Micky and Dana
Dana, Brie and Karen

The “after” shot.