Build Your Beach Sandcastle

Sand Castle

Building a sand castle is a favorite for kids at the beach.  It keeps them busy and brings out their creativity.  Gather the family, grab a bucket, some sand and some water and get building an eye-catching sandcastle today.  Here are a few tips for you to start building.

What you need:

  • A water bottle to spray the sand with and keep damp
  • Any shaped plastic container, bucket or pail
  • A spade, old spoon or a garden trowel

Fill your bucket with damp sand.  Always use wet or damp sand to build your castle.  Make sure to pack the sand down firmly before turning the container upside down.  Just tapping gently on the base of the bucket will loosen the sand.  Spray the sand with a water bottle to make sure it is solid.  Refill your container and keep building the walls of your castle in the same way, placing the container-shaped sand blocks next to each other like bricks. Create the shape of the castle you want by varying the container size molds of the sand as this can create fun turrets, towers and even a draw-bridge across the castles moat.  Use sticks to draw windows or add designs.  Adding some seashells can also give it character.  Sandcastles are really easy and surprisingly fun to construct. You can make them with a bucket, container, a shovel or even your hands. What you build is limited only by your imagination.

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