Bring the Beach Home

coastal decor to help you bring the beach home text over dining room picture

Do you ever get home from your beach vacation and just long for the sandy hues and coastal blues? Well, we know that feeling, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorite home decor pieces for you to create that beach-feeling even if you’re hours away from the sea. From pillows, to kitchenware, we have you covered!

For a classic coastal touch…

blue framed paintings and various table decor

There’s something about navy blue and white that just instantly has that nautical feel. This set of four prints from Pottery Barn are the perfect, and simple addition to your home that will transport you to your beach chair in the sand. To purchase, follow this link: 4 Framed Coral Prints: Pottery Barn

For a funky addition…

tea towels with with shark, lobster, and seagull dressed up

These West Elm tea towels are equally hilarious and adorable. People will adore these in your home and you’ll have a little chuckle each and every time you reach for that shark in a bikini top. We can’t think of a better way to clean up a mess! To purchase these, follow this link: Sea Creature Tea Towels: West Elm

For an unexpected pop of lowcountry…

Obviously you aren’t going to purchase a whole new couch to satisfy your ocean-themed needs, but you can still brighten up your living room with these beautiful and fun Anthropologie throw pillows! The pineapple represents hospitality, and the fish print is foil printed so it will shimmer just like a fish would in the sea! Here’s where to purchase: Fish Throw Pillow: Anthropologie, Pineapple Throw Pillow: Anthropologie

For that warm sand feeling…

sand colored duvet on bed

This Anthropologie duvet will have you feeling like you’re basking in the warm sand shaped by the waves subtle remnants. The soft patterns along this duvet mimic the way the waves leave squiggles from where they’ve been on the shore, and the gorgeous tan color of this duvet is the perfect sandy shade to instantly transport you to the beach again. To purchase this duvet, follow this link: Vesna Duvet: Anthropologie

For a table setting reminiscent of the crashing waves…

wave design on plate settings

These blue marbled bowls, cups, and plates couldn’t remind us more of the random shapes and patterns created by our currents. For a subtle hint of ocean in your kitchen, consider these sets as a way to remember the feeling of the ocean kissing your toes, or the ripples along the quiet waters before sunset. To purchase, follow this link: Strata Bowl: Anthropologie

Hopefully we have inspired you and you can recreate some of the ocean themes you may be missing, and if you would rather just come back to the beach, head over to our website or call one of our vacation planners today at 1(800)671-5155! We can’t wait to have you back!