Behind the Scenes at Beach Properties:Lynn Evans

Lynn Evans – The Gate Keeper


Lynn is the person responsible for getting you into your property.  Really…she is the one who mails out your arrival packets that have your door codes and car passes in them.  When we are in season that can be as many as 350 packets a week!  As the Guest Arrival Coordinator, at some point Lynn speaks to all of our guests.  One thing you should all know about Lynn, you will never meet a more organized individual.  Ask her for anything, and she knows exactly where it is or how to get it.

Outside of work, Lynn enjoys perhaps the best part of Hilton Head Island living….the beach!  You can find her walking along the sand almost every day.


Where are you from originally?

Greenwich, CT

What brought you to Hilton Head?

The snow and ice

How long have you been living here?

Moved here in 1990

How long have you been with Beach Properties?

3 years

Do you have any pets or children?


What is your favorite restaurant or place to go on the island?

The beach, of course!

What would you recommend our guests do or see on Hilton Head?

Spend as much time as possible at the Beach!!

Superman or Batman?


Pepsi or Coke?


If you had to sum up Hilton Head in one word what would it be?