Behind the Scenes at Beach Properties: Stacey Hardy

stacey hardy

That would be Stacey with an “e”!  Stacey Hardy is our weekend warrior and one of 2 Stacy(e)’s working at Beach Properties!  As a stay at home mom most of the week, Stacey works each and every weekend…and not just as a Vacation Planner.  During the busy summer months, you can see Stacey out and about as one of our Property Inspectors. Basically, she makes sure your property is clean and ready for your arrival.

Funny, easy going and a definite hard worker, we were lucky to get Stacey to stop to answer her 10 Questions, but here you go….


Where are you from originally?

Born and raised on Hilton Head Island

What brought you to Hilton Head?

I’ve always been here…..what’s kept me here: family and friends, the warm weather, beautiful beaches and the “small town” feel of the LowCountry!

How long have you been living here?

Just over 33 years

How long have you been with Beach Properties?

Started working seasonally about 4 years ago doing arrival inspections, then came on as the weekend vacation planner about 2 years ago!

Do you have any pets or children?I have 3 kids, Erin (10), Alex (8) and Sara (3), and we also have 2 dogs, Wilson, black lab (13) and Joey, Chihuahua (12)

Editor’s Note:  I would also like to mention that Stacey is also a Foster Dog Mom for puppies at the Palmetto Animal League. 

What is your favorite restaurant or place to go on the island?

My favorite restaurant on Hilton Head is Aunt Chiladas. They have been around for many years and the menu has something for everyone! Growing up this was a favorite for our whole family and we still enjoy it as much today as we did then!

What would you recommend our guests do or see on Hilton Head?

I always recommend canoeing or kayaking in Palmetto Dunes Plantation, their 11 mile lagoon system is so beautiful and peaceful.

Superman or Batman?

Superman. He’s the ultimate Super Hero!

Pepsi or Coke?

Neither! Sweet tea and lemonade is the way to go!

If you had to sum up Hilton Head in one word what would it be?Slow-paced! Once you cross that bridge onto the island, time slows down….enjoy it!