Behind the Scenes at Beach Properties: Sherry Thompson

Sherry Thompson – The Leader

Sherry T.

If you call Beach Properties to make a reservation there is a very good chance you will speak with Sherry.  She has earned her title of Senior Sales Manager by being REALLY GOOD at her job:  she always answers the phone on the 1st ring, she knows how to figure out exactly what vacation rental is right for you, and guests love her and ask to re-book with her year after year.

Hardworking and loyal, she is also a warm and friendly person who can seemingly talk to anybody.  If you think that makes her the perfect salesperson, you would be right! Call her at 800-671-5155 ext 1228 to book your next vacation!

And here’s something noteworthy:  Sherry just celebrated being married for 50 years!  To the same person!  We think her loving husband Ron would agree that the very same qualities that make Sherry such a great employee… helpful, amiable, attentive… show up in the rest of her life as well.

An Ohio transplant like so many of us here, her appreciation for Hilton Head shows clearly in her answers to our 10 Questions…


Where are you from originally?

Born in Cincinnati, raised in West Virginia, back to Cincinnati after marriage…raised our children there.

What brought you to Hilton Head?

New adventure, mid-life crisis, weather, and beauty of the island, etc, etc, etc.  We had been vacationing here for years and just decided to make it permanent.

How long have you been living here?

24+ years

How long have you been with Beach Properties?

In my 16th year!

Do you have any pets or children?

Sons:  Scott & Matthew, both grown; grandchildren:  Jake, Kurt, and Alyshea.  Also, Ella the cat, a beautiful tabby who thinks she is human.

What is your favorite restaurant or place to go on the island?

Favorite places are the beach, hiking on Pinckney Island, and reading in my gazebo.  Favorite restaurants are Wise Guys, Frankie Bones, and the Old Oyster Factory.

What would you recommend our guests do or see on Hilton Head?

Get outdoors!  Walk the beaches, hike the nature facilities such a Pinckney, the Sea Pines Forest Preserve, etc.  Bike over the entire island.  Take in a play.  Visit museums, art galleries.  Don’t forget to explore nearby areas as well:  Bluffton, Beaufort, and Savannah.

I always say one can be as busy or as laid back as you desire.  Hilton Head has something for everyone.

Superman or Batman?


Pepsi or Coke?


If you had to sum up Hilton Head in one word what would it be?

MAGIC!  There’s something for everyone…unique, will not disappoint, a place to make memories, impressive, will draw you back again and again…. Until you just might decide to move here!