Behind the Scenes at Beach Properties: Bobbie Cubbage

Bobbie Cubbage – The Modern Southern Belle


The New South is a combination of energy and enterprise coupled with good old-fashioned Southern hospitality.  This describes Bobbie to a tee!

As a Vacation Planner Bobbie has a great get-‘er-done attitude.  Quick with a laugh, her warm Savannah drawl and frank friendliness charms our guests right through the phone line!  She is a good go-to person for big events:  weddings, family reunions, etc.  She makes it work!  Call her at 800-671-5155 ext 1222 to book your next vacation! 

Energetic and fun, Bobbie doesn’t really like to sit still for very long.  An avid exerciser, she fits in a run every single morning and loves to play tennis and hit the beach.  Her healthy priorities and Lowcountry upbringing are apparent in her answers to our 10 Questions…


Where are you from originally?

Savannah, Georgia

What brought you to Hilton Head?

My grandmother grew up between Hilton Head, Beaufort, and Bluffton, so I have been coming here all my life.  The first summer we spent all 3 months on the island was 1965.  There was a bowling alley on South Forest Beach Drive, and we got our mail RFD 278.  The post office was a window in the back of what is now the Piggly Wiggly at Coligny Plaza.  After I graduated from UGA I returned permanently.

How long have you been living here?

35 years

How long have you been with Beach Properties?

3 1/2 years

Do you have any pets or children?

I have a daughter Whitney who is married and lives in Mt Pleasant, SC.  My son William lives on the island and is getting married in April of 2016.

What is your favorite restaurant or place to go on the island?

My favorite restaurant is Ombra, and I like the Black Marlin for Happy Hour.

What would you recommend our guests do or see on Hilton Head?

See the sunrise and the sunset.

Superman or Batman?


Pepsi or Coke?

Neither… soda is bad for you!

If you had to sum up Hilton Head in one word what would it be?

Unique.  All the pieces come together to make this one unique place.  You can’t explain it.  You have to experience it!