Beach Memory Jar

Remember your time on Hilton Head Island with this memory Jar!

It always hard leaving the beach, but here is a fun creative way to remember your Hilton Head Island memories more. Be able to bring some of your treasures home with you with this beautiful piece of decor.


  1. Purchase a large glass jar from any craft store such as Michael’s, even can use a larger Mason Jar.
  2. Purchase any type of yarn you would like along with a tag.
  3. Purchase sand to go on the bottom of the jar, or use some you collected.
  4. Gather up any treasures such as sea shells, rocks, drift wood, etc.
  5. Take your jar, pour the sand about half way leaving room to place all your treasures on top.
  6. Once those are in place, wrap the yarn around the top of the jar, creating a bow in front.
  7. Take your tag, and you can stain darker if need be by purchasing dark brown craft paint. Make sure you have a sharpie on hand to write down where these treasures were from.
  8. Now you have a Hilton Head Memory Jar!

*You can even add your favorite picture into the sand if you would like, just like the one pictured below.


Come and create your memory jar here on Hilton Head Island by giving us a call at 1 (800) 671-5155 or visit us on our website at