Beach Games for Everyone

Instead of laying out by the water, why not try these family fun beach games to get everyone moving!

If you are traveling to Hilton Head Island with kids then you will have to try these beach game activities that will get the kids moving. These are even fun for adults, you can even make a beach olympics out of these activities.

  • Human Ring Toss

All you need are cheap pool tubes and have teams of 2. One partner stands a little ways a way from the other. The opposite side partner will try to get the tube to land on their partner. First team to get 3 in a row, WINS!

  • Set up Beach Skeeball

Bring this classic arcade game to the beach with you. All you need to do is create a a sloped hill, if you would like one hole so it is easier for everyone. You can also build around the lane a gutter to catch croquet balls that don’t make it. Create a point system for anyone who wants to play to make it more interesting!


  • Beach Bowling 

This class game of bowling is even better on the beach. You can either buy 10 inexpensive bottles and line them up in a triangle form, or dig 4 simple holes into the sand and use tennis balls. You can decide how many points each hole is and can make them as big or small as you prefer. Either way this game can surely turn into a family fun beach activity.


  • Beach Treasure Hunt 

This game is sure to get the kids running around and exploring our gorgeous beaches more. Supply each child with a list with items such as driftwood, sea shells, feathers, something blue, rocks, etc. Each child will also need a bucket in order to carry around their treasure. To make it easier on the parents as well they can find multiple treasure hunt lists online, such as the one pictured below.


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