Beach Friendly Games


You have come to Hilton Head Island to unwind, relax and spend uninterrupted time with your family and friends.  During the summer months, and even the spring and Fall, much of your time on Island will most likely be spent at the beach. I do not know about you, but after about 3 days of relaxing in the sun and sand, we like to mix it up a bunch and play some beach games to keep kids of all ages happy.  Here are some of the favorites we have played over the last 10 years of Hilton Head beach vacations.

Squirt Ball

This is a great activity and always ends up with everyone laughing.  Here is the premise…using a small water gun…spray a beach ball and try to get it across the line first. We often make up teams that are equally comprised of kids and adults.  Often the teams set up relay as you have to run down to the water to refill you gun.  And the wind always adds an element of surprise!

beach bubblesBubble Chase

Bubbles are always a must bring item when we are heading to the beach.  The wide open spaces, wind and ease of clean up make the beach the perfect place to blow bubbles.  This is another activity kids of all ages enjoy.  We make a game out if it, by trying to keep your bubble in the air the longest, or trying to get it to go in a specific direction.

Fill the Bucket

This is the beach version of a classic party game. You will need two large buckets and two Fill-the-bucketsmaller buckets or cups. Separate into two equal teams and place the buckets up on the sand, about 50 feet from the water’s edge. At the word “go,” the first person on each team races to the water, fills the smaller bucket or cup and runs back to dump it into the big bucket. The emptied cup is handed to the next person on the team and so on. You can continue the game until the buckets are full, or set a time limit and see who can put the most water in the bucket.



Sand Darts

Draw a large circle in the sand, with several concentric circles inside that one. The players stand several feet away from the dartboard and toss pebbles or shells onto the sand trying to get as close to the center as possible.

We hope you enjoy some of these games while you are staying in your Hilton Head Vacation Rentals.  We would love to have you share some photos of your family on the beach and also would love to hear about any beach friendly games you play.

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