A Walk in the Woods

Right in the middle of all the summertime hustle and bustle in Sea Pines is an unbelievably secluded spot of peace and tranquility.

A snake slithering by. A lizard scurrying away. A deer quietly slipping from view.  Huge trees and untouched vegetation.  This is the Sea Pines Forest Preserve, 605 acres of undeveloped, preserved land.  Pretend you are back in time, in an era before cars, exploring unspoiled forests just as the Spanish did…

There are a number of trails that will lead you though what was once rice, indigo or cotton fields, or take a stroll through the Warner A Plahs Wildflower Field where a variety of flowers bloom March to June each year.  Guests can even learn about Hilton Head Island’s earliest inhabitants by stopping by The Indian Shell Ring which dates back 4,000 years.

Click here to view a printable brochure.

The best part about this reprieve the daily grind is that if you are staying in a Hilton Head Vacation rental within Sea Pines, the cost of admission is FREE!  Just bike to the preserve, or park at the small parking lot located at the entrance along Greenwood Drive.  Then be taken away by the raw beauty of the Sea Pines Nature Preserve.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioOHfxUg2-0]