A Vacation Within a Vacation

Staying on Hilton Head Island is the most amazing thing in itself, but if you are here for a long vacation, such as a month or more during the fall and winter, then most likely, you will incorporate a few day trips into your vacation. The great thing about Hilton Head Island is the location, there is no better location than here, because there are so many other places surrounding the island, that day trips are just as easy as staying on the island!

There are so many cities to choose from, and the ones I am going to talk about are all less than 2.5 hours away! The first is the closest, and that would be the city of Savannah. Savannah is well known for their immense history, amazing southern food, and the Queen of fried chicken, Paula Deen. You can explore all day in Savannah, and still not see everything the beautiful city has to offer. If you want to go the historic route, I suggest you take a guided tour through the city, and I guarantee that you will come out of it a little more historically educated.

Savannah is just one place in a 45 mile radius that can give you a taste of southern history and food, Beaufort, which is just a short 30 minute drive off the Island, smaller than Savannah and has been known for their historical ambiance. When visiting Beaufort, you will be transformed to a different time. You will be walking the streets and taking in the small town feel, and see the water at the end of those streets. Beaufort, South Carolina is a National Historic Landmark District, so if you want to know all about Southern history; Beaufort is the place for you to go.

After all of the history lessons, it is natural that you may want a little bit of a different atmosphere, and I know just the place for you. Charleston, South Carolina is just a two and a half hour drive up the coast, and well worth it too. Charleston, South Carolina is one of the most beautiful cities in the state, as some would agree, and can offer so much to just about anyone. Charleston has a lot of history, but there is also amazing shopping, night clubs, and on and on.

So when staying on Hilton head in a Hilton Head vacation rental, you will be able to visit the cities surrounding the island as well, and still be able to come back to the beautiful island and enjoy the hidden gems that Hilton Head has to offer.