A Tale of Two Festivals

This is the time of year when Bluffton South Carolina feels like the coolest place on the planet.  Why?  Two super-cool festivals are going on in November, and they run the gamut from beer to champagne!  Literally!

On one end of the spectrum:  The Bluffton International & Craft Beer Festival, Sat. Nov. 7th

bton beer fest

Who cares if Oktoberfest is long over?  This is the self-proclaimed “Best Little Beer Fest in the USA”.  Everything from breweries like Allagash to Brooklyn to River Dog, to the baffling-sounding Oud Beersel Oude Gueuzc from Belgium.  And the don’t-miss taste of Delirium Tremens, a Belgian Strong Pale Ale!


This is a beer connoisseur’s ultimate Saturday afternoon.  With over 150 different brews to sample, and some low-key live music, you can just sample and chill to your heart’s content.

beer 2

We ask you:  Who needs an excuse to hang out outside on a November Saturday afternoon in South Carolina and drink reeeeally well-made beer?

And then on the other end of the food-drink-music-hanging out spectrum is the Music to Your Mouth Festival in Palmetto Bluff, Nov. 19th – 22nd.

music to your mouth 2

If you have not been to Palmetto Bluff it is worth a visit, a strikingly beautiful little community with upscale vibes and some very discerning taste buds.  This is a SERIOUS FOODIES FESTIVAL.  It’s a multi-day event including “the best and brightest chefs and artisans”, and special tasting events called “Culinary Salons” on everything from greens to apples to cheese.

music to your mouth pic


Focused both on the old-fashioned heritage and the current avant garde creativity of Southern cooking, as well as the explosive farm-to-table movement, it promises to be an amazing outdoor gastronomic experience.

music to your mouth pic 2

Not to mention an impressive line-up of Southern musicians:  bluegrass, country, blues, and Lowcountry stomp.

Music To Your Mouth Festival, November 17-20 2010, The Inn at Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton, SC USA. Photographs ?? Tim Zielenbach / zielenbach.com for Palmetto Bluff

We sure know how to have fun in the Lowcountry!