A Lowcountry Wedding

A Lowcountry

The lowcountry is home to many weddings thanks to the beautiful spanish moss dangling from the oak trees, the clean beaches and calm waters, and the plantation houses just waiting for your debut on the balcony as Mr. and Mrs. Once you’ve chosen your venue, however, you must then come up with a theme. We have rounded up a few near and dear lowcountry approved themes to take your wedding to the next level of chic, elegant, and of course, creative.



Peach has long been a color pallet choice for weddings due to it’s soft, yet fun color, but when we say peach, we aren’t talking about the color, we’re referring to the fruit. Now we don’t suggest going over the top with real fruits all over the place, but we think throwing in some accents with a fruit that is certainly a part of the lowcountry definition could be a thoughtful and creative touch for your event. Some say that peaches symbolize long life, happiness, and that they are seen as an uplifting symbol of satisfaction which would explain the expression “I’m just peachy!”. We can’t think of a symbol more reminiscent of the well wishes people send on your wedding day. Here’s a few simple ideas to get you started on how to use these fuzzy stone fruits!

Peach Place Cards



As literal as it may sound, when having a wedding in the lowcountry, many people make the decision because of the ocean, the sunsets, or the sweeping oak trees with wispy moss swaying in the wind. We’ve found that not many mediums of art can really evoke these lowcountry classic feelings as well as watercolors. Whether it’s the bleeding shades of orange, pink and yellow for a sunset, or the swirling colors of blue in a crashing wave, watercolors seem to be the only way to really imitate this magical look that can only be created in nature. We love the idea of watercolor invites to transport your guests to that feeling they will have sitting down at your wedding as you say your vows  under the moss and as they watch the sun go down while dancing the night away to celebrate your love. Here are some of our favorites

A Classic Soft Colored Lowcountry Marsh Scene
A Subtle Ocean Watercolor



A Storytelling Invitation


Oysters are a classy and elegant staple for a lowcountry wedding… but not just for eating! We’ve found that some of our favorite table layouts aren’t full of flowers, but full of the beautiful, shiny-bellied shells scattered among candles and a few flowers strewn throughout. We also love the idea of using these shells as name plates or to identify foods during your cocktail hour. Beyond their creative uses, you can always have oysters at a raw bar to impress your guests with an upscale presentation.

Oyster Shell Table Numbers/Name Plates
Oyster Garland Table Runner
Oyster Raw Bar

Now that the wedding has a theme, you may be wondering where all your visiting guests can stay? Hotels may seem like an easy choice, but what about vacation rental homes for groups of your guests to rent out together? With houses that can hold up to 21 people, Beach Properties is a great choice for lodging your guests, your bridal party, or your family as you are approaching the big day! Call us at (800)671-5155 or head over to our website to find the perfect accommodations!