Sweetgrass Basket Making

beach properties of hilton head (1).png

Learn how to create one of these gorgeous baskets!

These baskets are apart of a rich local culture on Hilton Head Island. Learn how the art behind making these beautiful baskets at the Coastal Discovery Museum from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM.  Be able to not only learn the art but learn about the rich history behind these as well. Reservations are required and the cost per person s $65. To make reservations call the museum at 843-689-6767 or visit them on their website, www.coastaldiscovery.org.  Here is some brief history on the baskets:

  • This tradition came to South Caroline around the 17th century by West African slaves
  • Materials that were once used to make the baskets were not actually sweetgrass but bulrush, a tough plant
  • Baskets were used to carry vegetables, shellfish, and later cotton
  • Baskets were made by the women, so that the men could use them out in the fields
  • Sweetgrass is located right next to water, growing in moist areas. You may recognize the purple plumes that are vibrant in fall.


Wanting to discover more about the rich culture Hilton Head Island has? Call a Beach Properties agent today at 1 (800) 671-5155 or visit us on our website!


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