Island Alphabet: E


Discover more about Hilton Head Island with this daily list of animals, restaurants, and activities. Every week there will be a new list following the order of the alphabet.

Exercise: Hilton Head Island is full of fun ways to stay active while one vacation. One fun activity is biking! Hilton Head Island has more than 50 miles of pathways that span almost the entire island. You could get around to plenty of different shops and restaurants just by a bike! While vacationing do not forget to bike our gorgeous beaches.frequently-asked-questions-about-biking-on-hilton-head-island1-2000x730.jpg

Express Restaurant Delivery: This delivery service is here to help you have the most relaxing vacation possible. They come deliver hot and tasty meals from your favorite HHI restaurants right to your door step. Each delivery service member has the most advanced food bags to ensure your food arrives as fresh as possible. To place an order with them, just head to there website to see what menu’s they have available. Once you place your order, your meal should arrive within 30 to 60 minutes depending on preparation time and distance.


Eat like a local: Hilton Head has amazing options for fine dining, but if you are looking for something more unique try some of these local spots. You will not only find great food, but enjoy a great meal!

  • Kenny B’s Cajun Seafood Hut: Enjoy true cajun gumbo, crawfish, and shrimp.
  • The Drydock: Enjoy the rustic wood floors with occassional live music, while eating your heart out with the best seafood.
  • Bluffton Barbecue: Here you can serve yourself, so no waiters included! But with that means getting our own food, cleaning after yourself, but you are paying for good quality food.


Eagle: This bird species is the largest that live on Hilton Head Island, these birds have a wingspan of 74 inches! An adult can weigh up to 7 pounds, and the month of November is mating season for these guys. Their nests are usually located in a large trees, and near water with good views of the surrounding area. Some of their nests can reach up to 12 feet in height and 8 feet across! You may even see one next time you vacation.


Come and discover more with Beach Properties of Hilton Head today by visiting our website or calling (800)671-5155!


One thought on “Island Alphabet: E

  1. Rose Hill Plantation was just empty land and Mansion when Jay S Delozier became connected to it as an Employee of Ginn Corp!! There was a parting of the ways for The Welton Brothers and the Ginn Corp and my husband, Jay S Delozier, chose to go to work with Dave Welton to help create Rose Hill Plantation, the Second off Island Plantation after Moss Creek in the Area!! Then because of Insurance stipulations Jay talked to my retired Parents, William and Eleanor Mc Knight, who had 2 properties on Emerald Isle, NC about coming to Bluffton and work as Caretakers at the Mansion!! Bill and Eleanor lived in the Mansion for 2 1/2 yrs till the Welton’s decided to remodel the Carriage Hiuse into a small Home so my Parents were not so interrupted by Tourers of the Mansion,which happened several days a week!! So for that time all of my large grown Family of Brothers and Sisters got to visit and stay in the Mansion when visiting my Parents, there were 13 children in our Family!!! For 2 1/2 years the Mansion was enjoyed by all of us as our Parent’s Home!! We were so Blessed!!

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