Behind the Scenes at Beach Properties: Dottie Caudill

Dottie Caudill – The Veteran


Dottie is a Vacation Planner here at Beach Properties, in fact she was the second employee hired!  A loyal and dedicated worker, Dottie knows EVERYTHING about the business.  She never misses an opportunity to be helpful, and is diligent about responding to every question and concern.  Reach her at 800-671-5155 ext 1245 to book your next vacation!

She was a good sport when we presented our 10 questions, and we learned something funny about her:  she moved to Hilton Head to retire, but then immediately started working when she got here!  Dottie has so much energy that we think her supposed “retirement” just didn’t take!


1. Where are you from originally?

West Virginia/Columbus, Ohio

2. What brought you to Hilton Head?


3. How long have you been living here?

17 years

4. How long have you been with Beach Properties?

17 years

5. Do you have any pets or children?

I have 3 children:  2 sons (James and Joseph) and 1 daughter (Annamarie)

6. What is your favorite restaurant or place to go on the island?

I have several, but the Old Oyster Factory is high on the list.

7. What would you recommend our guests do or see on Hilton Head?

The lighthouse, for sure.

8. Superman or Batman?


9. Pepsi or Coke?


10. If you had to sum up Hilton Head in one word what would it be?







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