The Beach in Winter



Yin / Yang : Two halves that together complete wholeness.

Sure, sure, sure.  Going to the beach in the summer is truly the thing to do.  The complete exposure to the sun, the sand, the salt water is where it’s at.  It’s like going to the carnival!  You’re completely removed from your mundane tree-lined suburbs or honking urban arteries and given the ideal environment in which to… just… chill.  It’s great!

But the unique pleasures of the beach in winter are not meant for the crowds of summer. It’s not gonna be all sunburned kids, and ice cream cones, and funny souvenir alligator key chains. No, the winter’s yin to summer’s yang is more about clean, quiet, open.  But not in a bad way!

Think of it this way:  The island is your personal retreat.

And this is the time to get cozy!  Let us count the ways…


firepit pic

Fire pits are all the rage, and now is the time (finally!) when you can really snuggle up and enjoy them.  Many of the restaurants and beachfront complexes have fire pits or outdoor fireplaces, and some of the larger homes as well. Comfy!


winter beach 3

Grab a blanket and a hot toddy and watch the tide go out.  Or come in.  It doesn’t matter, because you will have lots of space and just a few folks walking or biking by. On Hilton Head it rarely gets so cold that you can’t get out and walk or bike.  Refreshing!




Hilton Head Island has more world-class spas per square inch than you can shake a stick at.  Spend the day at one, and hit the steam room, get a hot stone massage, maybe a facial, or some sort of amazing body treatment (try this:  warm pineapple oil massage and wrap). Soothing!

We have a list of top spots on our website, and you can use your Beach Properties Advantage discount card to save on services!

So take advantage of our terrific deals this winter, and book a cozy and indulgent retreat to the beach!


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